Storey Interior Design Group is a creative agency specialised in interior design of public spaces and private homes. Since the start in 2010, we have successfully incorporated our vision into both small and large projects. With a strong passion for interior design, we aim to combine icons from the past with contemporary designers to create unique and appealing environments. Thanks to our established network in the industry, we can offer an exclusive and international selection of furniture, lighting and fabrics that spans almost 100 years of design history.

We bring together a diverse team, headquartered in central Stockholm. We have a wide network of craftsmen, project managers, designers, architects and furniture suppliers in order to tailor your unique project. Among our customers you will find well-known players such as Spotify, Disney, Acast, Kivra, Fastighetsbyrån, and Kredinor. 


Interior design

Any organisation, big or small, must keep its main focus on developing its core business. This can make it difficult to find the time internally for the interior-design changes that are necessary from time to time.

Making the wrong decisions in these processes may prove costly. We help businesses and private individuals with interior design in a reassuringly professional and cost-effective way. We have over ten years’ experience of large and small interior-design projects; we can undertake everything, from staging basic accommodation or rooms to implementing an entire interior-design concept in a space of any size.

We present our proposals in clear layouts, with furnishings, colour schemes and material samples, as well as 2D and 3D drawings.

Buy or Rent Furniture

Storey Interior offers a wide range of furniture and furnishings with advantageous discounts. We are offering everything from single chairs or curtains to fully-equipped offices, restaurants or private homes – including full-scale technology. If desired, we also provide assembly.

Project management and coordination

All projects need someone in charge – to adhere to the budget and timetable, coordinate all the on-site stakeholders, and keep you, the client, in the loop.
We can provide a complete and professional project-management solution.
Please contact us to find out more.

Construction and Renovation

In many cases, our clients need to renovate their office or start from scratch. We have access to all the necessary professional services you may need; everything from painting individual rooms to creating a new layout. Please contact us to learn more.



We use the following project model:

1. Workshop

Discussion and analysis of what the client needs: we want to understand all the details of your day-to-day operations, so this can be reflected in colour scheme, form and function. You stipulate your total budget for the project and we also agree on a suitable time line. 

2. Concept

We create a general concept plan for style and function based  of our analysis in Step 1. We present this to you for your feedback, to be certain that we are on the right track.

3. Interior design

We create an interior-design concept including furnishings, decor, colour scheme, drawing documentation, material samples and flow concept for your premises or home. This could be for individual rooms or a total conceptual idea for a space of any size.

We also put together a specification of products and any services that are part of the proposal, on the basis of your stipulations in Steps 1 and 2.

4. Procurement

We procure all the products and services included in the project, and make sure that deliveries are synchronised with the set time line.

5. Building/Renovation

We renovate and adapt your premises or your home according to our agreement in Step 3.

We coordinate all on-site parties and make sure that we adhere to the timetable. Naturally, we work around your living situation or working hours to ensure that the project is carried out in the best possible way.

6. Decorating and Styling

We deliver all the furniture and decorate and stage everything. As stated above, we work around your living situation or working hours to ensure that the project is carried out in the best possible way.