Storey Concept living


Storey Concept Living offers bespoke homes, with a smarter and more flexible layout, that give their owners conceptually designed living at a more cost-effective price per square metre. Storey Concept Living is run collaboratively with our fantastic colleagues, who are experts in construction, project planning, architecture, real estate and interior design. The passion we feel for our work underpins everything we do, from the first meeting with a client to the successful conclusion of each project. We pride ourselves on the efficiency and flexibility of our organisation, with each and every one of us unstintingly sharing our passion and experience to achieve the best outcome for our projects. We are based in Stockholm/Sweden and Palma/Majorca

Our Services

Are you interested in investing in one or more Storey Concept Living projects? We have an extensive network of quality-assured operators, including estate agents, property owners, lawyers, notaries, banks and architects, who ensure that we find the best projects. Return on Investment (ROI) varies, and is calculated in the short and long term. Please contact us to find out more.
Conversion and interior design:

We can help to transform your living space into a Concept Living space. We have many years’ experience of this entire process in spaces of all sizes. We present our proposals in clear layouts, with furnishings, colour schemes and material samples, as well as 2D and 3D drawings.



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